Garden Pests


Insects and pests, they are probably some of the most hated creatures by gardeners. They are plentiful and often hard to spot; they destroy and eat the plants you’ve been dedicating time and effort to grow; and they are normally persistent hard to get rid of. They are truly one of the most annoying things that can happen to a garden.

I personally had an extremely annoying experience with pests. I planted a bunch of onions and garlic in a big pot and watered them regularly. They were growing really well, until the tips of the leaves started browning and they started to die. one day I pulled out one of the dying garlics and to my surprise there were maggots at the bottom feeding on the root systems. As time passed the maggots became flies and the flies laid eggs and the vicious cycle would continue unless I did something about it. Long story short, I had to pour boiling water on the soil to kill every maggot and egg and i had to get rid of all the flies.

That being said here’s a great infograhic from featuring the 12 of the most common garden pests.



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